Creative Writing Conquering NAPLAN

We’re proud to have been instrumental in getting this book out on time for Literary Giants who are developing a range of products that help parents help their children and help teachers help their students to fly through the writing tests for NAPLAN and become fantastic storytellers.

The first product to hit stores and online is Creative Writing: Conquering NAPLAN 7-9, a full-colour book filled with graphics and examples, and loads of tips and tricks for NAPLAN – no need for tutors!

Creative Writing explains exactly what a student has to demonstrate to pass NAPLAN Writing test if the genre is Narrative or Creative Writing.

June 30, 2017


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REA Powerful Listing Presentations

And we pushed through a quick one for the Real Estate Academy who are organising another workshop for real estate agents and needed a workbook to go along with it.

Real estate listing presentations need to be refreshed and changed every 18 months. Not just because other agents are copying you, but to refresh and recharge yourself and your message.

The longer you have been presenting, the more set in your ways you can become. As the fast-paced real estate industry progresses, so must professional agents and communicators.

June 28, 2017


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Teaching in Inclusive School Environments Ed2

Teaching in Inclusive School Envrironments Edition 2 was a big job done in a very short time, but we got it completed for David Barlow Publishing prior to the deadline.

This book provides pre-service and new in-service teachers with content that will help them understand inclusive classrooms, and strategies that will cater for a diversity of student needs. It considers teaching in early childhood, primary, and secondary settings.

Rather than focussing on discrete cohorts of students this second edition considers inclusive classrooms and practices within a more diverse population. Chapters include an historical overview, anti-discrimination legislation and educational policy directives and theoretical aspects of inclusion.

Inclusive practice at a classroom and whole school is considered in the context of Universal Design for Learning.

June 26, 2017


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Updated Economics 2017 Part C

David Barlow Publishing’s yearly three-part Updated Economics series provides material written within one to six months of initial use and is designed to assist students and staff in Senior Secondary Schools in keeping pace with developments in Economics.

It aims to provide a coherent blend of current events and basic content, and reflects the view that understanding current economic debates is an essential objective in any introductory course in Economics.

This 2017 Edition Part C focusses on the 2017–2018 Federal Budget, offers a state of the economy update, and includes revision exercises and study units.

June 23, 2017


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World of Diversity Ed2

We’ve completed a few books for David Barlow Publishing recently, this being the first one.

The engaging text book guides students to complete the revised (2017–2021) Victorian Certificate of Education study of Religion and Society Unit 1.

Its teaching and learning sequence is developed around the areas of study and outcomes of the unit, with a focus on three key knowledge areas: common aspects that give expression to religious and spiritual experiences; ideas and philosophies of prehistoric and ancient religious traditions; and Australia as a multi-religious nation.

Students will grow in their understanding of the nature and purpose of religions and develop an appreciation and knowledge of the diversity of religions in their schools, neighbourhoods and our diverse world.

June 3, 2017


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