A picture is worth a thousand words …
but at what cost?

If your book requires inclusion of pictures there are several important things to consider:

  • The inclusion of black and white pictures in your book may involve additional printing cost.
  • Pictures printed in colour in an otherwise black only book will dramatically increase the printing cost. Such cost can be somewhat reduced by using colour pictures in one or two areas of the book only, rather than spreading them throughout.
  • If you are scanning the pictures yourself for inclusion in your layout, keep in mind that low resolution scans will give a poor end result. Scan your pictures to a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for the size that they are to be used at.
  • Scanned pictures that look fine on your computer screen may not look so good when printed. Avoid solid blacks and pure whites.
  • For best compatibility, picture formats should be limited to TIF/TIFF or JPG/JPEG.
  • Discuss the inclusion of pictures with us before you get started. And don’t forget that we can only work with what you give us, i.e. if you are not sure of your scanning skills, it may be prudent to have us do the scans.