A word about ‘Word’

Word processing programs do not offer the control
or features that are required for quality typesetting

If we design and lay-out your book it normally includes cover design and design of the text (using your supplied text file). Many people have no idea how to go about design and typography and hence we offer this as a service.

If you want us to print directly from your Word/Publisher/other word processing program file we will certainly try, but although such programs are fine for use in an office environment using inkjet or laser printers, they are not ideal programs for a book layout that needs to be reproduced in a commercial process.

Word processing programs do not offer the control or features that are required for quality typesetting. You will find that they do not allow you to properly apply letter spacing, word spacing, kerning and tracking. For example, you may have noticed that a Word document often has whole lines in the text that look as if you could drive a small tractor between the words, especially if the text is set fully justified. There are a number of other problems associated with the use of word processing programs for the purpose of page layout.

Still, we can take your Word/Publisher/etc. file and create a press-quality PDF from it if costs are of greater consideration than appearance. Just be sure to add page numbers, an imprint page, allow enough margin around your pages and have your preferences set to apply to ‘mirror’ the margins. If you can create and supply your own PDF of the text, we will check it for potential issues at printing stage and advise of possible solutions, or we can attempt to fix it if you so choose.

If you want us to print direct from your supplied Word file or PDF and bypass the cost of ‘artwork’, we will still charge a fee to check and make sure that your file is suitable for printing, the size of which is directly proportional to the work involved (e.g. complexity of the document), but it will usually not be as much as a full design and layout charge.