Legibility and ease of navigation through the book
is a prime consideration

The layout of a book is really part of the design process and involves decisions regarding the typefaces used, the way different levels of headings, bullet points, quotations, captions, etc. are treated. It takes into account such details as page margins, the position of page numbers, the inclusion of headers, footers, index or glossary, the position of pictures, diagrams or charts.

Keeping in mind that the first function of a book is to communicate information, legibility and ease of navigation through the book is a prime consideration.

If you ask us to work on the layout, then at this stage we flow your manuscript files into ‘the book’. We then supply you with a proof to check that things are in the right place. It is important that you check and double check your manuscript before handing it over to us. Although you may have thoroughly gone over your manuscript, you’ll be amazed at how often authors find little things that need changing once they see their work laid out in book form. However, the less you need to change and correct once we have started, the lower the cost of your project.

Unless we’re working to a tight deadline, you will have plenty of time to make corrections once you receive the book proof, but at this point in the process they should really only be things like an odd comma here or a small change there.