Have you considered entering your book into the expanding market of eBooks? Find a new audience by selling your book in virtual form on your own website or via services like Amazon.com.

We can take your manuscript, and prepare and convert it to a format readily accessible to readers. We can deliver to you an eBook in the most common formats, such as PDF, ePub and MOBI.

ePub vs MOBI vs PDF

There are benefits to using each of these formats.

The MOBI format specialises in making it easy to read. It is simple in what it offers in terms of design when compared to the other formats, but your book will always be legible on any device it is viewed on.

If you have used a computer, you probably know what a PDF is. A book in PDF format will look exactly the same way every single time. This isn’t so bad on a large computer screen, but when you want to read the book on a phone, tablet, or dedicated eReader, the pages of the PDF will shrink to fit the screen, often making the text illegible.

ePub text can be set to flow or be static on the page, depending on your preference at time of creation and the content of the book. This makes it a very versatile format, one that can be moulded to a specific look, such as that of your printed book. There are readers available for ePub books on all platforms.

In most cases, we recommend that you have your book prepared in ePub and MOBI, but the situation is different for every book. Call or email us and we will be happy to discuss what is best for your book.

How to publish your book on Amazon

You may be happy to simply make your ebook available from your own website, but many people sell their book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). To get started, visit this page and sign up for an Amazon account, or use your existing Amazon account to log in.

Once you have your KDP account ready, you will need to upload the eBook file we have prepared for you to the KDP marketplace. For instructions on how to do this, as well as details on how to set pricing, please visit the Publish Your Book help article at KDP Amazon.

Once your eBook is on the market place, you will want to promote it. KDP Amazon offers a sturdy and complete guide to walk you through the steps of self-promotion.