Self publishing

Many people write books, but finding a publisher to accept your manuscript is often hard or impossible, or just not an option. Publishers must consider manuscripts from a commercial point of view and reject many more books each year than they publish. This is one of the reasons why people come to the decision to self-publish their work.

Some authors write material that only appeals to a very limited audience, e.g. family members and friends, club members, etc.; others again have an entrepreneurial streak and see self-publishing as an opportunity to make some money.

Whatever the reason, self-publishing your book is not as difficult as you may think.

Bookbound Publishing offers a fully integrated service. We have been designing books for both the trade and individuals for years and can take your book from manuscript through design, layout and printing, all the way to delivery at your doorstep.

And just as you’ve reached us via the Internet, you can be anywhere in Australia to have your book produced professionally. We send you PDF proofs every step of the design process, showing you exactly what your book will look like. PDF files are ready for you to view, print, proof and annotate right on your own computer. We don’t go to print until everything is the way you want it.

The following steps will lead you through the process, assuming you have already written your manuscript. There is more to know about self-publishing than we can cover here, but these steps form the basis from which you can ask focussed questions to learn more.