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Just like you, we love books! We’ve been designing and printing books for self publishing authors since 1990 and pride ourselves on personal service and a commercial-quality end product. To assist you with your project, our website is full of helpful hints and detailed information. Hope to hear from you soon.

Eric Hook : Boss Book Maker

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The path I travelled

This is the latest book we have completed – Olga Gardiner’s The path I travelled, a personal memoir.

Olga was born during the uneasy peace that followed World War 1. Pneumonic plague swept around the world and people were dying everywhere, including Olga’s mother.

The Great Depression followed with seemingly no escape for young people with dreams of achievement. Olga felt trapped, but never lost hope that some day she would achieve her dream. However, her Guardian Angel had other plans for her.

Feb 28, 2017


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Another book completed

And we’ve completed yet another book for David Barlow Publishing. This time it’s Part B of Updated Economics 2017.

Per usual, we were involved from start to finish and are delighted with the end product which is sold to high school students around the country.

Feb 9, 2017


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Two new books released today

Today, David Barlow Publishing has released two new titles in their extensive range of Special Education black line masters.

Bookbound was involved with this project from start to finish, including author liaison, design and typesetting, layout and print co-ordination.

Feb 1, 2017


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Excited to be here

I am excited to welcome you to our brand new website! It’s been many years since we first started work on it, but it’s finally completed. Have a look around at your leisure, and contact us if you need to know anything we’ve somehow missed covering here.

Eric : Feb 1, 2017


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