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Just like you, we love books! We’ve been designing and printing books for self publishing authors since 1990 and pride ourselves on personal service and a commercial-quality end product. To assist you with your project, our website is full of helpful hints and detailed information. Hope to hear from you soon.

Eric Hook : Boss Book Maker

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Thought leaders : Speakership

We’ve been busy with Thought Leaders projects lately – just done a quick reprint of their Speakership book.

In a world where information is everywhere, it’s no longer enough to inform. You must inspire. It’s no longer enough to manage; you must lead. Speakership is the new leadership imperative, the missing link between strategy and execution. It’s the difference between wanting people to do something, and inspiring them to action.

Whether you want to speak to build a brand, inspire a team, curate a culture or grow your career, Speakership gives you the knowledge and tools you need to learn the art of oration and the science of influence.

December 3, 2017


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The Grief of our Children

This title for The National Centre for Childhood Grief is one we first produced in 2009. It was due a reprint and we were called upon to deliver once more.

When children grieve, their pain, curiosity and directness can force a confrontation of reality that we may prefer to deny. How can we provide answers to questions that we ourselves dare not formulate? How can we provide reassurance that everything will be alright when we are not sure of our own ability to survive? How can we comfort when we feel comfortless and bereft of emotional resources?

We may have much to learn about children’s grief, but there are many things we do know. This unique, practical book explores the grief of children of all ages and highlights specific aspects of grief at each stage of psychosocial development. It provides useful suggestions which empower grieving children and provides hope, understanding and support for those who care for them.

November 20, 2017


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Persuasive Writing

Literary Giants were so impressed with the speed and quality of the first book we printed for them, they’ve come back with their new title, Persuasive Writing.

This book has all the answers that parents will need to help their child or student conquer persuasive writing for the NAPLAN Assessment.

Not only does it contain tips and tricks for NAPLAN, it has examples of rhetorical techniques and situations. Everyone’s writing will improve with this book.

Full of gorgeous graphics and examples, it takes away the mystery and makes it simple and easy to work through and understand the exercises.

This book explains exactly what a student has to demonstrate to pass NAPLAN Writing test if the genre is Persuasive Writing.

November 14, 2017


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Our Beautiful Bays

For the Bays Community Group on the NSW Central Coast, we reprinted this title which we produced first in 2013.

The Bays covered in this book are located on the south western corner of Brisbane Water, encircled by National Park and waterfront. They are little known and their past even less so.

This publication covers the period from 1830 until post-second World War, including Government land grants and conditional sales; land subdivisions; sales and homes; the importance of development of transport by railway, water and road; early pioneers, families and characters; significant and less significant events; business activities; tourism; fishing; general stores/post offices; dairies; poultry raising; ferns for butchers displays; photography; ferries; fruit and vegetable growing; and much more.

November 8, 2017


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Thought Leaders : Next

We were asked to print Matt Church’s book in record time for Thought Leaders. And we did. Of course.

In this book Matt offers 22 ideas that you can use to foster better thinking in your business and team; the kind of thinking that helps you lead change and not just manage it. So much more than a book, this program helps leaders mobilise their people towards a better future.

Each chapter is a stand alone idea. No need to read the whole book, simply pick one chapter every month and use it to start a conversation. Seen as a whole, the chapters focus on how we position our careers and businesses to thrive in the next 10 years.

October 30, 2017


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